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My 200th + post! - Script47 - 07-23-2012

Hi, just to introduce myself to those of you who don't know me, I have spent around a year and a couple of months on Extenditude now, and I have to say it has been an adventure which I have really enjoyed! Not only because of all the good topics and interesting things you can talk about but the wonderful Staff members and normal members! I would like to say that I am good friends with everyone on this site because everyone is very helpful and friendly! I would like to express my feelings and give a warm Thank you to all of the Staff members and normal members who have been there to give me and allow me to have a joyful time on this site! A couple of people I would like to mention please remember if I don't mention you its because they might be too many people to mention!

Clarkie - Since the start when I registered you have been friendly, kind and helpful!

Ac3xx - Always there to help me in programming!

Danzell - Amazing and humorous fella!

Ranos - Helpful, knowledgeable and well just a friendly guy again!

Knives - Just met you and you seem like a cool guy!

Thank you all of you for everything you have done! Smile

RE: My 200th + post! - Clarkie - 07-24-2012

Thanks for the feedback about the community, means a lot. Smile Glad you're enjoying it here. I'm thinking we need to help get lots more people to enjoy spending time here!? Wink

RE: My 200th + post! - Script47 - 07-25-2012

I'm already trying to refer people, but its harder done than said! Wink