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NEED DESIGN? - DigitalTRIM - 07-24-2012

Like my facebook page for my "FREELANCE" workSmile Or if your interested in any collaboration; i'm up for anything! Just thought i'd share with my favorite forumBig Grin


[img][Image: 2d1pzl1.jpg][/img]

RE: NEED DESIGN? - Script47 - 07-24-2012

Looks bloody amazing mate, good job! Wink

RE: NEED DESIGN? - DigitalTRIM - 07-24-2012


RE: NEED DESIGN? - DigitalTRIM - 07-24-2012

[Image: 24zb2gn.jpg]

RE: NEED DESIGN? - Danzell - 07-24-2012

Bacon ipsum dolor? =))

RE: NEED DESIGN? - DigitalTRIM - 07-24-2012

Why the Ipsum:O

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet salami pork belly brisket capicola spare ribs t-bone. Turkey pork corned beef chicken. Beef salami tongue shankle ground round short ribs rump tri-tip jowl meatball frankfurter. Brisket frankfurter turducken fatback hamburger pork belly bacon ribeye t-bone sirloin venison pork loin drumstick. Swine corned beef tongue, pork loin hamburger brisket pancetta jerky leberkas tail drumstick biltong filet mignon short ribs chicken. Prosciutto tongue strip steak andouille venison short ribs bresaola ham hock spare ribs ribeye frankfurter hamburger tri-tip.

RE: NEED DESIGN? - Danzell - 07-25-2012

i was just asking ...Smile)

what page? Tongue

RE: NEED DESIGN? - DigitalTRIM - 07-25-2012

It's the DTG link on the first postSmile