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Android for starters - Danzell - 07-15-2013

So you finally got a phone that has Android on it now you should know what basic applications to get on it to get more accessibility, and some basic knowledge on how to make it run as smooth as possible.

The must have apps (no commercial mumbo jumbo you see on other sites)

1. File managers- this is a must have for everybody that wants to manage the phone files without connecting to the PC to do that.
Unless your phone already has one, or you don`t like the existing one here`s what i`ve used and recommend:

- Astro File Manager
- ES File Explorer
- Root Browser

2. Task killers/Managers. These apps are useful to kill background processes that eat up your phone RAM, and make it slow.

- Advanced Task Killer

3. RAM Cleaners/ SD card cleaners. These usually help clean your SD card and make more space available, by cleaning browser cache, temporary files, log files, saved app settings, and so on.

- SD Maid
- Clean Master

4. Internet switcher. You will definitely want this. the apps you use are the nastiest little mongrels that will eat your phone internet traffic (and sap your life force). So get a widget that can help you switch it on/off, whenever you need to use the net. Simple, efficient and accessible, which will make your mongrels cry.

- Data Enabler Widget

Other than these basic apps, you`ll need to know that, in order to get them you have to register to Google Play with a Gmail address (you will be prompted when you start the phone).

Other advice about apps is that in order to stop them working permanently (until you start them again) you have to go in the Settings and then Apps. There you will see all the apps running. Each app can be killed by selecting it and then pressing the button Force Stop.

Be careful what you app you kill though. You might just kill your android OS app. (which will require you to restart the phone/remove battery)

Kill only the apps that you know that you have installed.
What you can also kill safely that you didn`t install:
- Google Services
- Google Play
- Google Search
- Google Maps
- Youtube
Up till here these are the biggest RAM hungry A-hole mongrel apps
- E-mail
- Gmail
- Internet browser
- Gallery
- Video player
- Calculator
- Calendar
- FM Radio

The idea is to use common sense to realize what apps to close and what not.

Another thing you should do is to disable contact/calendar/photo synchronization. You don`t want Google to eat your phone traffic and have access to your info do you... no we don`t. So we do this.

RE: Android for starters - zirena - 08-06-2013

sir, i've been using task killer and when i killed tasks to free my RAM, it will come back again and again. my phone always have 30-40mb free RAM left. what should i do to permanently close the backgrounds apps? thank you sir Smile

RE: Android for starters - Danzell - 08-07-2013

task killers don`t really do much they stop the process but they don`t kill it.
do it from settings/Apps, in the all apps tab. go in each app you installed and press kill or stop. dunno what it shows on each phone.
also the apps i wrote above.

The google services and google play will restart even if you kill it so there`s nothing much to do about them since they are needed for the apps.(if your phone works slow kill these two and you`ll notice the difference

RE: Android for starters - zirena - 08-08-2013

ok got it. i thought i can kill google services cause they do so much memory.. thanks sir that's a great help, now my phone runs better Smile

RE: Android for starters - Clarkie - 08-11-2013

Android is designed to only free up the RAM when it needs too so if you've killed it and it's come back only kill it again if your phone doesn't have enough free RAM to launch another app. And if that tactic fails after a week, then try finding a better ROM for memory management. Smile

RE: Android for starters - zirena - 08-13-2013

are you saying that i should buy a new phone? haha Smile

RE: Android for starters - Danzell - 08-13-2013

no definetly not it`s just a fact Tongue but untill you get more "phone literate" it will be hard to install new ROMs
Usually Custom ROMS manage to fix the problems that the original had

RE: Android for starters - Clarkie - 08-13-2013

Custom ROMs strip out the crap and are often more refined. But then again, it depends who made it!

RE: Android for starters - Danzell - 08-13-2013

yea speaking of that didn`t you say you wanted to get a nexus 7?

RE: Android for starters - Clarkie - 08-13-2013

Not sure who you're talking too, I have a Nexus 7. Smile