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Yow! - zirena - 08-06-2013

i've been reading the whole day many posts here, and it's my 1st post here Smile
i was amazed that admins here are so cool, friendly and so helpful.
You Can call me Dapz Smile , i love playing online games, watching anime and reading mangas. im expecting to learn and share lot of things here Smile

so have a nice day . thank you Smile

RE: Yow! - Ranos - 08-06-2013

Welcome to Extenditude ^-^

RE: Yow! - zirena - 08-07-2013

Thank you Admin Smile

RE: Yow! - Yama Vs Obama - 08-07-2013

lol i feel that everyone joining extenditude has those 3 things in common...
Games, Anime, Manga

EDIT: I forgot to say welcome...
so welcome! Big Grin

RE: Yow! - zirena - 08-08-2013

haha LIKE! thank you Yama Smile

RE: Yow! - Clarkie - 08-11-2013

Hey zirena Big Grin welcome to extenditude! Smile

RE: Yow! - zirena - 08-12-2013

hey Clarkie! Thank you . and thanks for this site Smile