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MH/pokemon cross - Danzell - 03-09-2015

found something cool on the net Tongue pokemons drawn in MH style.
could not resist it Smile)

Credits go to Gryphon Shifter on DeviantArt

[Image: attachment.php?aid=743]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=744]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=745]

RE: MH/pokemon cross - Ranos - 03-10-2015

Seems interesting altho I can't see the images.

RE: MH/pokemon cross - Danzell - 03-14-2015

awww shiiiiiii. i`ll fix it

RE: MH/pokemon cross - Ranos - 03-14-2015

They look interesting.

RE: MH/pokemon cross - Vredesbyrd666 - 03-19-2015

Rapidash = Kirin's brother?

RE: MH/pokemon cross - Ranos - 03-19-2015

Could be. Then we would have Kirin for lightning, Oroshi Kirin for ice and Rapidash for fire. Interesting trio.

RE: MH/pokemon cross - Vredesbyrd666 - 03-21-2015

Someone should make an actual crossover of Pokemon and MH game.

RE: MH/pokemon cross - Yama Vs Obama - 03-27-2015

Monster Hunter, Gotta Hunt em all

RE: MH/pokemon cross - Vredesbyrd666 - 04-29-2015

Doesn't it look like that Mewtwo is doing some kind of weird yoga? (Very last one.)

RE: MH/pokemon cross - Ranos - 04-30-2015

It really does, doesn't it?