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Fav psp rpg? - mokomi - 06-28-2010

Name your favorite psp rpg or action rpg by default monster hunter doesnt count
I'm doing this cause I want some other rpg besides MH and Phantasy star. Just started playing Star ocean second evolution and its in the sinking into me process Smile.

RE: Fav psp rpg? - Ishzark - 06-30-2010

Phantasy Star and Rengoku! The new Metal Gear peace waker game is fun as well!

RE: Fav psp rpg? - dangerarchie - 07-07-2010

Dungeon Seige is one of my favorites. I played that game forever.

RE: Fav psp rpg? - Clarkie - 07-08-2010

I don't play any other games on PSP Big Grin

RE: Fav psp rpg? - Danzell - 07-09-2010

you mean you don`t play at all Smile)

RE: Fav psp rpg? - Danzell - 07-09-2010

anyway here`s my list of favs

Phantasy Star (i`m waiting for Phantasy Star 2)
Dungeon Siege (got bored of it only 3 chars)
Dungeon Explorer (preety old)
Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce (i kinda like this a lot of characters/weapons, has 3 storylines that have the same ending -_-)

my dream RPG game would be sth like Lineage II
-i like long games with goodlooking characters
-with a lot of customisation settings
-with a lot of armors/weapons/skills
-progressive loading of a map (meaning that i don`t have to wait untill the whole map loads like in MHFU when i go from a region to another of the map)(for ex to have map load only at a certain radius from the player)
-well i think that`s kind of like a MMORPG like lineage 2 Big Grin

RE: Fav psp rpg? - dangerarchie - 07-09-2010

They need to put out some new RPG's. It seems like there haven't been very many great RPGs that have come out recently. At least not any that really caught my attention.

RE: Fav psp rpg? - mokomi - 07-09-2010

-I loved phantasy star, i hated the fact i had to kill mobs to get the keys eventually the maps got pretty linear and boring tho....id shave off some of the weapon types to get better maps
-dungeon seige I startled playing it yesturday its okay
-dynasty warriors I played the demo seems interesting I might get it

and I played God eater....normally I would be against Monster hunter wannabees....but man this game does it good, the game has a much harder learning curve than monster hunter (its pretty damn hard) game looks great....no loading while in a quest... map loads when u begin, and it only takes about 3 seconds so loading times r fast. the types of weapons and armor compared to MH is very limited but the weapons all have awesome exaggerated Japanese manga awesomeness and lets face it...MH has a very good selection of weapons...but it always boils down to the same ones.. (greatsword, longswords, and hammers anyone..? and the occasional gunner which sticks to bows sometimes bowguns). it also lacks monster variation about 7 compared to the 20+ MH has but id trade the monsters for refreshing fast paced gameplay anytime (downside to this, the english patch sucks so far and its nothing like the one for MHF2G)

btw danzell that rpg dream of yours is not possible on psp lol maybe on 360, ps3 or pc
for 360 i absolutely love Oblivion, fallout3 and borderlands Smileall great action rpgs

RE: Fav psp rpg? - dangerarchie - 07-09-2010

I wish they would make another epic game like Oblivion. That game is by far the best game ever lol. Fallout wasn't near as good. Borderlands is a pretty awesome game till you get to 61 then its just plow through everything and its not as much fun at that point.

I'm going to have to check out Phantasy Star. Never played it but I always hear good things. After Monster Hunter 2 I don't think I've bought another game for PSP lolCool

RE: Fav psp rpg? - Keltset - 07-18-2010

Disgaea is great. Love it. <3